ghd IV Mini Hair Straighteners

For girls who’ve gone for the chop with an inspired and fashion forward cropped ‘do, the ghd IV mini hair straighteners are the perfect hair straighteners for you. The versatility of the ghd hair straighteners range allows you to find the right styler to suit you and for short hair that is style savvy, the ghd IV mini styler is the way to go!

The mini hair straighteners have maximum impact and are perfect if you want to create the tightest curls when you’re channelling a 1920’s vibe which is oh so now. For gorgeous, long lasting curls, these hair straighteners are the ultimate weapon if you’ve got short hair. You can channel on screen looks from films such as Chicago or go all SJP when she cropped those luscious locks but rocked an amazing short style.

Cropped styles are not always as easy to maintain as people think and if you’ve recently pixied it up, it can be difficult to replicate the salon style you so adored! With the mini hair straighteners, you can get right to the root of your hair to ensure that any kinks or waves are straightened out for a perfect straight style.

Go bold and create innovative flicks and twists with hair straighteners that won’t restrict your style. Take your imagination to the limit and create styles that will make heads turn, all with the assistance of your trust ghd mini hair straighteners!

Style conscious men know that the only way to make unruly short hair win in the style stakes is to grab the ghd IV mini hair straighteners and abandon the kinks! For men’s hair that just won’t do what you want it to with a bit of wax or gel, the ghd mini straighteners will allow you to tame it and create the styles that you want! Go bold and create curls, if it works for Russell Brand….

Once you’ve got your hands on the ghd mini hair straighteners, you can have peace of mind that the straighteners will turn off if you leave them unattended. These hair straighteners are perfect for peace of mind after that ‘did I leave the hair straighteners on?’ moment. The unique digital technology that ghd incorporates into all its hair straighteners range means that the temperature is automatically controlled even quicker, whether you’re in the UK or abroad so that you have perfect styling, wherever you go!