ghd IV Hair Straighteners

Whatever your hair type, the ghd IV hair straighteners are perfect for you. As the most versatile hair straighteners in the ghd range, this styler allows you to have gorgeous hair even if you decide to change your hair length. If you’re the type of person who is constantly to-ing and fro-ing between long and short (let’s face it, most of us decided to go for the graduated bob and grew it out!) then the ghd IV hair straighteners will always work for you.

If you’ve been growing your hair for years and lovingly get it cut every 6-8 weeks (that’s the rule, we don’t know anyone who obeys!), you can be assured that your hair will be well protected with ghd straighteners. The unique ceramic coating of these hair straighteners means that your hair will be protected whilst styled. Accompany the straighteners with quality products from the thermodynamics range and you’ll be able to maintain those gorgeous healthy locks and create some stunning, versatile styles!

For inbetweeny girls (and guys) who can’t decide whether to keep it short like Tinkerbell or grow it like Rapunzel, these hair straighteners are perfect for indecision! Because they last for years and come with a 2 year guarantee, your hair is likely to change its style over that period but these straighteners will accommodate whatever you do with your hair!

Sometimes you’ll straighten your hair, put on your outfit and think; I wish I’d gone curly. With just a few minutes to spare you can transform your look with ghd hair straighteners! The fast heating technology behind these hair straighteners means that you can create so many different styles in an instant, so whether you’re craving perfect curls, waves or flicks, you can create them fast with the straighteners that have a new rounder barrel making it even easier for you to create the looks that you crave.

Fashionistas often wonder how on earth catwalk styles can be achieved and often the answer comes down to the nifty tricks you can produce with straighteners. With the ghd IV straighteners, you can perfect the flicks and twists seen on this season’s catwalk and look like you tripped off the runway in New York, Paris, Milan or London.